Are You Setting An Example?

1 Corinthians 7:9 ESV
But if they cannot exercise self-control, they should marry. For it is better to marry than to burn with passion.


I am going to say something that will probably put me on the HOT seat and cost me some friends and maybe family but when the Holy Spirit moves me to say something, I obey. I want to know what has happened to the institution of marriage. Yes, my marriage did not last, but I was on paper. Everyone these days want to shack-up with someone without a committment, even some older folks. What message are we sending our children today, “Oh, that it’s o.k. to live with someone and play husband and wife. When your children get old enough to date and move in with a boyfriend or girlfriend, are you going to allow it? Well, if you are living with someone and not married to them, you really don’t have a say so in the matter. If you are a TRUE Christian with a PERSONAL Relationship with the Lord, then you would never be able to think about living with someone because your conscience would eat you alive. It wouldn’t feel right. Ladies and Gentlemen please think about the message you are sending to this hurting generation that is coming up because if we don’t correct our actions and lives, they are not going to think twice because they will think it is O.K. Personally I was scared to stay over night, stay in a hotel, have a boyfriend in my bedroom or get pregnant when I was a teenager because I feared my parents. Yes, you might be from a single parent home or a single parent of teenagers but you can still tell them what’s right but only if you are living and setting an example yourself. Please don’t come try and take me out, I have a right to express my opinion and if I am wrong, I will welcome an explanation. I am doing what Pastor Donald Walker Jr. Ministries said on yesterday and “Walking It Out,” because I have tried the WORLD and the WORLD is not for me. I’m not perfect and sho’nuff no angel but Y’all getting ready to see the FIRE in me. No more playing just seriousness. #SayingWhatIsOnMyMind….#IfYouOnlyKnew….#ButGod