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As the winter months set in we get lazy about washing our vehicles.  We just don’t want to get out in the cold to wash a car.  We take them through the carwash and it gets them clean but we still have to clean the inside ourselves.  Even after going through the carwash there are still spots and streaks left and areas that just couldn’t be reached by the machines. 

So instead of taking our vehicles through the carwash, why not call on someone who can wash your car inside and out without machines.  I know someone who can do just that, Kerry Brown owner/operator of Brown’s First Class Detailing.  He will come and pickup your vehicle or wash it mobile.  I recommend him to clean your vehicle.  Below you will see pictures of my car before and after it was cleaned.  One of my wheels was rusting but after the cleaning, it looked just like the other three.  My seats were terrible looking and now they look great.  They hadn’t been cleaned in a long time so the outcome was shocking.

Pictures of my car before being washed and detailed.      




Pictures of my clean after being washed and detailed.




I just took my car over to his shop and left it there all day and those were the results.  I was very pleased.  They probably won’t have to take all day on your vehicle, but my car was pretty bad. LOL  

Let’s support our local businesss owners and stop giving our money to those machines. 

If you would like to get your vehicle washed or detailed, see the contact information below:

Brown’s First Class Detailing
217 E. 14th Street
Columbia, TN  38401

Call Kerry Brown at 931-398-0366

I am grateful for the work done on my car and will surely let Brown’s First Class Detailing clean it again. 
Give Kerry a call, he’ll hook you up.





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