Used In Two Different Ways

A nurse who is also a southern rapper….really?   Keep reading……

Realize that God sees you in a different light than you see yourself. “Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart”
          1 Samuel 16:7

First giving all Honor and Glory to God my Father.  I would like to pubicly thank JAE for everything that he has done for my son and I.  I would like to ask that God would Bless his life and use him to speak, educate, inspire and continue blessing those who he comes in contact with.This is a brief story about a youngman, JAE, who came into my sons life as his private duty nurse.  He has truely been a blessing to me and my family since his return.  But by the Grace of God that he is in our home caring for my loved ones today.

You see, JAE was on another case before Thanksgiving 2012 and I had a nurse who was going to have to leave to have an unexpected surgery.  Being the particular mom that I am about the nurses who take care of my son, I ask for someone who had already taken care of him and already familiar with him.  They didn’t have anyone available and sent two nurses to orientate for the position.  They were ok but I still wanted someone who had been here before.  I had come to the conclusion that I was going to have to settle for one of the nurses they had sent.

One day me and another nurse were discussing the new nurse coming on when she mentioned that she heard that JAE was available.  Not asking any questions, I immediately contacted the agency and ask them to call him and see if he would be willing to come back to our case.  He accepted and has truely blessed and helped me with tips and suggestions to help in my sons care.  He loves his job as a nurse and takes it very serious always striving to see his patients get better or to help them live as much a normal lifestyle as they can.

Some of the things he does for Eman is helping to keep his airway cleared.  #seriouswork


Clearing him out for better breathing

Other times he is playing with him by boxing, right here catching a right hook.  #playtime    


Catching a right hook from Eman

Around Christmas we were talking about music, I in particular was sharing with him about my cousin, Sarina-Joi Crowe who made it to Hollywood when she was 15 years old on American Idol then again this year at 17 years old.  At this time JAE let me in on a little more about his life and I found out not only is he a nurse, but he is also a Rapper.  A Southern Rapper who has written and recorded several songs.  I knew he rapped but I had never heard any of his music.  This is how humble JAE is because he never boasted or bragged about his music, he was here to take care of his patient. 

He has a website that is in the making and I encourage you to visit it.  Go to and like it and let’s support our upcoming singers in the south.  The music on his site can be downloaded.  He has also expressed an interest in holding seminars educating young singers about he music industry and what they need to know about getting their foot in the door.  Prayfully this will come to pass in the near future.


His music is about his life and his message come from his life experiences from things that he has been through.  JAE has gone through so much growing up and to see him as a nurse and caring for patients the way he does is nothing more than God at work.

Now when you visit his website it will have pictures of him making all kinds of faces and showing different expressions, emotions, attitudes and confidence.  He has every right to portray that bad boy imagine because of what he has gone through, how do I know, because I have heard his story, saw the scars and he is still here. 


God is not through with this youngman yet and I am excited about the possiblities he has in store for him. 


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One thought on “Used In Two Different Ways

  1. I am so Proud to be his Aunt it is so joyful to me to hear of his good works he truly is an amazing person and God is using him for his little Lambs how much more blessed can you be.Thank you for giving Prsaise only a Mother can.

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