The Greatest Winner who ever Lost

GODMorning Beautiful People:

When we compete in any competition we all would like to win.  Sometimes we lose and get mad and nasty about the whole situation.  If we would just have a postitive attitude even when losing, we show others that being able to have fun and enjoy ourselves out weigh our loss.

You see when JESUS LOST HIS life on the cross for us, it was a sad day on Calvary’s Hill but when we let JESUS light shine in us and show up in our lives to others by spreading the WORD OF GOD, JESUS becomes the GREATEST WINNER WHO EVER LOST.


Remembering Riverside Park

As I was taking my cousin to his football game last Saturday morning at Ridley Park and as I turned the corner to go through the gate, there were fastpitch softball games getting ready to start.  That brought back memories when we had tournaments at Riverside Park.  Now instead of using three fields, 2 softball and 1 baseball, they have 6.  This is good because it allows them to play 6 games at a time instead of three.  This probably helps them finish a lot earlier than we did. 

We would start around 8 or 9 a.m., sometimes earlier, wouldn’t finish until 12 or 1 a.m.  Those were long days but I enjoyed every minute.  Because the fields were so close together, except for the one across the street, everyone could watch the other teams play while watching the team their child or children were playing on.  Back then we had a packed house for every game, even the regular season games, because everyone stayed and watched the other teams play. 

Yes times are changing and everytime I drive through Riverside the memories return.  Everyone reading this and played at Riverside should know what I’m talking about.  I’m not saying that I approve or disapprove the riverwalk, but It Is What It Is.

If you played fastpitch at Riverside Park, I ask you to like this Post/Blog and let me know the name of the team you played on.

Thanks and Be Blessed!

GODMorning Beautiful People

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